Garden Gnome Statutes Bringing A Bit Of Luck And Whimsy To Your Outdoor Decor

The history of Garden Gnomes Statues has it’s start in folklore and fantasy. Long before the first gnome appeared in that first English Garden in the 1800s these little people were the subject of various stories that were told and retold.

It seems that according to legend gnomes lived underground where they would protect various buried treasures. Of course they sometimes did appear above ground and having a gnome visit your property was thought to be extremely good luck. So, as the story goes a landowner in England decided to purchase a statue of a gnome and put it in his garden for good luck. This first charming little fellow struck a cord with other property owners and soon these little people were popping up all over. Many of these original garden gnome statues were handmade of clay and so each had their own distinct personality which made them all the more appealing to those who sought the luck of these little fellows.

While the gnomes in the stories were never described in any great detail, the garden gnome took on a distinct look. The male gnomes all had white beards, red hats, and simple clothing. The women were dressed pretty much the same, with long hair and they originally looked very much like a witch.

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Landscaping Ideas For A Small Area

Not all homes have spacious yards that can be transformed into landscape wonders. Smaller areas, not larger than 10 square meters can also be transformed into a landscape wonder with the right landscaping ideas. If you plan to landscape your area on your own, you can get many landscaping ideas from magazines and pictures. These ideas for landscaping can be incorporated with each other in such a way that they complement each other. Landscaping on your own usually works best if you have a great eye for coordination design.
Plants for a Small Area
Plants are usually the mainstays of a landscape area. The kinds of plants to be used are based on the landscaping ideas that the home owner might prefer. For smaller areas, plants that are not fast growers should be considered so as not to take up much of your time in trimming and pruning them.
Recommended bushes for a small garden area are bushes Carissa and Privet. Although these plants grow slow, they usually maintain their shape and design for years making them ideal for landscape areas. Other landscaping ideas for slow growing bushes are Myrtle, Nandina, Pistacia and Pittosporum. These are slow to grow but give you a lot of time and opportunity to design them.
Fountains and Ponds Landscaping Ideas
Having fountains and ponds is not necessarily restricted to large areas. Many landscaping ideas for small areas have fountains, waterfalls and small ponds included in them. You need to decide where you will put your fountain or pond. In many cases, waterfalls are usually in a corner or in the wall itself with a rock formation for the water to tumble don from.
These landscaping ideas involving water fixtures are highly popular and actually not as difficult as you may think. For pocket gardens, a fountain or a small waterfall can still be incorporated into it. There are many landscaping ideas that use ready made fountains and waterfalls which are placed on a small ceramic basin or bowl and then placed in a spot in the pocket garden.
These landscaping ideas are great for pocket gardens that take little time and effort to landscape. It is best to draw out a floor plan for your landscaping ideas before starting work on your area. This will help you be more organized. Locating water sources as well as electrical sources are essentials in making a floor plan for your garden.

Install Chandelier As Part Of Your Home Improvements

Everyone wants to have the entire best thing for their home. Most of the time you always think of what are the things that you want to put inside your house in order to make more elegant and appealing to the eyes. Though a lot of people are experiencing financial crisis but there are also many people who are busy making some home improvements.

Actually you do not have to spend a lot of money just to make your house more attractive and elegant. Most of the time people will just add some furniture on it to make it more elegant. There is some modern furniture which is available in a cheaper price. With just a little additional furniture and fixtures everything will be done.

Before old houses owned by those rich and famous people do have crystal chandelier. This makes the house elegant and pleasing to the eye. During that time when your house has a crystal chandelier on it you are rich and famous because the rich people are the only people who can afford to buy one.

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Indulge Yourself In The Portmeirion Botanic Garden Dinnerware

For people looking to beautify their dinner tables with exquisite earthenware this festive season and any other special occasion, the is the way to go. This classic dinnerware set is the work of Susan William Ellis. Her tableware designs were inspired by the 19th century guidebooks on herbals and botany. Each piece in this set is hand painted with awesome spring flowers, daisies, rhododendrons, forget-me-nots, speedwells, pansy and sweet pea. The flower images are also accompanied by either a dragonfly or butterfly. There is also the characteristic simple leafy green border which seems to be the trademark of Portmeirion dishware. This earthenware is glazed to protect the exquisite paintings from scratches or fading.

For years these dinnerware have graced the dining tables of the rich and famous and now its everybodys turn to catch a feel of Portmeirion botanic garden dinnerware. This earthenware is crack-resistant and can therefore easily commute between the microwave, dishwasher and the freezer. They can also withstand temperatures of about 200 degrees. The manner in which the paintings are laconic and well centred makes the plates and bowls look classic. These ceramics are tough but at the same time beautiful making them the best choice among other brands of dishware. The plates are considerably deep at about while the clear hardened glasses embellished with flower paintings are about 1/16 thick with an extra weighted base to improve stability. The set also consists of equally beautiful placemats made from hard cork finished off with resin.

With the beautiful summer flowers on the Portmeirion botanic garden dinnerware you will be able to add more grace and happiness to your dinner table throughout the year. Other than being excellent Christmas gifts, the Portmeirion earthenware sets fine quality and everlasting glamour makes for gracious gifts for newlyweds. There is absolute excellent value for money in this exclusive dinnerware. For collectors, the Portmeirion dinnerware is also an excellent choice to invest in. This fact is attributed to the timeless designs, and excellent ceramic and glaze quality. The plates are available in different styles some of which are rare to find.

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Sbi Hike Home Loan Interest Rates

Although the bank will continue with its 8% teaser rate which the had introduced more than a year ago for the first year, it has increased rates for the subsequent years, effective April 1. The hike in rates by SBI was triggered by the recent increase in its cost of funds.
Till March 31, SBI had two schemes The Easy Home Loan (up to Rs 50 lakh) and Advantage Home Loan (above Rs 50 lakh). From April 1, both the schemes have been merged and extended for a month,” an SBI spokesperson confirmed to TOI. The rates applicable for new loans sourced from April 1 till April 30 are 8% for the first year, 9% for the second and third years and floating rate at 1.75% below SBAR (SBI’s equivalent of prime lending rate, or PLR) thereafter,” the spokesperson added.
So in effect, the for the second and the third years have gone up by 50 basis points (100 basis points=1%), from 8.5% earlier to 9% now. While fourth year onwards, at the current structure, the interest rate will be at 10% per annum, since currently SBAR is at 11.75%. Earlier, from the fourth year onward, the floating rate was at 2.75% below the SBAR and the effective rate was 9%.

Under the new rate structure (assuming a 10% rate from the fourth year), on a 20-year loan of Rs 30 lakh, a customer would have to shell out about Rs 3.9 lakh over the tenor of the loan. Thus the effective rate that the customer would be paying over the 20-year period is 9.5%.
Explaining the rationale for hiking rates on home loans, the SBI spokesperson said it mainly reflected the increased cost of funds from April 1 stemming from the new methodology for paying interest in savings bank accounts on daily balances.” In April 2009, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had mandated all the banks in India to move to a new methodology of calculating interest rates on savings bank accounts that would add interest on a daily basis. This is a significant departure from the earlier practice of calculating interest rate on minimum balance after the tenth of every month.
For sometime now, with the annual rate of food inflation hovering around 20% level and the yields on benchmark 10-year government securities around the 8% mark, bankers and home finance veterans were talking about the possibility of a hike in interest rate in the economy. And now with SBI, the country’s largest bank, hiking housing loan interest rates, industry players are almost sure that interest rates have bottomed out in the current cycle.
Lately a number of banks and financial institutions, including the country’s home loan pioneer , have withdrawn their home loan products at 8% or at a slightly lower rates, and are moving to a more sustainable interest rate structure.